McLaren has confirmed it will be producing a Spider version of its 570S supercar, according to Autocar.

McLaren Spider versions are generally superior to their fixed-roof counterparts, the reason why? Well it should be fairly obvious, you get full access to all that glorious sky with the roof stowed and of course, full access to one of the great V8 soundtracks from McLarens own M838T engine.

Same Power With A Little More Weight

Expect the Spider model to maintain the 570S’s power and torque outputs of 562hp and 443 lb-ft to remain the same as the fixed roof version. Also, as all current generation, McLarens use a carbon fibre monocoque which creates an incredibly rigid platform, expect very little weight gain from the coupe to drop top transformation thanks to this unique construction method and the weight obsessed McLaren boffins.

More Sky Equals More Price

All this weight saving and roof down tech comes at a price, the current 570S starts at £143,250 before options, usually, the higher end model spider versions cost £20,000/25,000 more so expect prices to start at around £160,000 upwards.

Regardless of the additional cost and small weight penalty, it’s all going to be worth it for access to that entire open world and the accompanying glorious soundtrack.