I have a love of Porsche’s that know no bounds, well it the only boundary is that they are fucking expensive to buy. Porsche gave has the Halloween special that is the 1st-gen Panamera, the Cayenne, basically let’s take the nose of a 911, which is a pretty thing, let’s bolt it to an ugly-ass body that makes a mockery of everything that is holy.

Thankfully Porsche seemed to have found their way in recent years, the new Panamera is a magnificent looking car, the Cayenne whilst still an ugly duckling is not actually that bad to look at………in the dark.

Now, they seem to have been up to their old tricks and have for some reason developed this monstrosity:

Potentially this could be a Cayenne Coupe, which could be all-electric or combustion powered depending on what you read.

Porsche, stop it now, please. The world didn’t need the BMW X6, nope we didn’t need it at all, it was the quickest way to spend £60k on a car and then find that all of your friends have blocked you on Facebook because they don’t like you anymore.


Some people just want to see the world burn, Porsche is clearly one of these people. Apologies to anyone that has read this post, I know you will never be able to un-see this horror.