Lamborghini’s are very well known for their balls out speed and power, you see them at car shows and on tracks being hooned at the limit that they were designed for within a controlled enviroment.

However the world’s biggest asshole owner of a Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador clearly thought in his small mind that ‘I don’t need a race track to test the limits of my car, this street in central London will do just fine’. It has been mentioned that the driver was able to achieve 100mph.

This clip taken by 458MRP was shot on Sloane Street in London whom I suspect will be contacted by the local police very shortly in regards to obtaining evidence against the driver.

Lambo ass

The driver of this Lambo is clearly a complete idiot with shit for brains frankly displaying behaviour like this in a street in central London no less. When they find him I personally hope they throw the book at him.