If you were not one of the chosen ‘ones’ lucky enough to be on the Ford GT allocation list then, don’t whine anymore via social media, in fact, you don’t even have to get a friend to whine on your behalf on YouTube. Ford has decided to extend the production of the Ford GT for a further two years.

This additional two year extension doubles the current production run of 500 cars which is also slated to take two years to build, clearly, you can expect another 500 cars to be built on this basis.

You could still get one…….or maybe not

The word is that when the current GT production run ends in 2018, prospective buyers will have to either have to update their previous application if they were turned down or wait-listed for the first run or simply apply for the first time.

In the USA alone it’s thought that more than 6,000 wealthy car lovers applied to purchase the blue oval supercar, so I guess we have another 18 months or so to feel sorry for all the bitching and moaning of millionaires, no wait, we don’t feel sorry for them because they are bitching and moaning about something that doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of things.

The one thing that does matter is that the world is getting more Ford GT’s which will make it a better place for sure, good choice Ford, now let’s see one on the road as soon as possible, please.