Will.i.am is well known for his musical exploits, having accomplished many things in a high achieving career, unfortunately Will also likes to modify cars; this is something he is not very good at, nope not at all.

This is the results of his ‘modifications’ to his Tesla:

According to the video show by YouTuber effspot, the Tesla has been gifted ruined with a wide-body kit and suicide doors amongst many other unneeded modifications.

You may remember back in the realms of time that Will also tried his hand at modifying a DeLorean:

Will.i.am shit Delorean

Clearly he made a fucking pig’s ear of that one as well; I think you would refer to both of these cars as ruining what was already perfectly good and functional.

Mr Will’i’am, I would like to deliver you a statement on behalf of car fans the world over;

Just fucking stop it now, please we beg of you, just get yourself a limo and a driver and promise us you will never ever try to improve a car ever again.

In exchange for this we promise to stop mistaking you for Wyclef Jean, but I mean you do look pretty similar. Now please fuck off.


Every that loves cars in the world