So you’re a racing driver, you have just won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, maybe follow you that up with a holiday or perhaps some time away from the track, after all, you deserve it. In the case of Romain Dumas who drove the Porsche 919 at Le Mans, one week later he thought he would have a go at competing in the 100th anniversary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and he actually won it.

Dumas is now the first Frenchman to win at Pikes Peak twice overall, he is now also the first driver ever to win at both Le Mans and Pikes Peak in the same year.

The video of this record run is simply amazing, whilst racecars are not expected to have much in the way of comfort, the Norma M20 RD Limited Spec-2016 which is basically a fighter jet without wings, the harshness of the car is evident as he attacks the peak, bone-shaking you could use, however, I would think it’s more spine crushing at the very least!

The in-jet video is quite amazing to look at, I mean how’s did he have any spine left, it’s like being inside a washing machine on full spin! Now the time, it was an almost unbelievably quick time 8:51.445 up to the peak—this is the second-fastest time ever in the history of the event which is phenomenal, to say the least.

As an additional benchmark for how difficult it is to compete at Pikes Peak, including Dumas, only three drivers have ever scaled Pikes Peak in under 9 minutes.