Another month and we have another Nurburgring record, with recent efforts from both Porsche and Honda setting the pace McLaren decided to unleash its P1 LM on the formidable Green Hell.

Goodbye Lamborghini

Previously and somewhat controversially the Lamborghini Huracan Performante set the time to beat with rather swift 6:52, the P1 LM with Kenny Brack at the wheel bested this by a whole 9 seconds with a time of 6:43.

You may remember Kenny Brack as the man who set the fastest time for a road car on the Goodwood Hill Climb back in 2016. It would appear that if you need a record setting then Kenny is the man to call.

The McLaren XP1LM

McLaren tasked race car outfit Lanzante with the building of the five P1 LM production cars, the car that completed the Nurburgring lap is the prototype name XP1LM. This prototype has seen a lot of action having been repeatedly tested on both road and track to ensure its capability for both disciplines. Some at McLaren say that after the XP1LM completed the record lap, it was then driven all the way back to England.

Huge Numbers, Exclusivity Guaranteed

The Monster that is the P1 LM features the same base V8 turbo engine as the standard P1, the LM gets a 194cc boost taking capacity up to 3994cc. The turbos have also run higher boost which takes power all the way to the 1000bhp mark. All this work naturally adds more torque, a colossal time traveling amount totaling 1050nm (774ib-ft). Top speed is a limited 214mph which is fairly swift, it should be noted that to get the full 1000bhp you need 99-octane fuel.

Including the XP1LM prototype car, only six P1 LMs exist, and all five cars have been sold. They will be arriving with their buyers in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Cars like this need to be seen on the road, here’s to hoping the lucky five owners get out and drive them rather than hide them away in a climate controlled garage.