The McLaren P1 LM is a powerful car, when I say powerful, I mean it has 990bhp going to its formidable rear wheels.

In the hands of former racing driver, Kenny Brack, the P1 LM as it gets a hint of oversteer as he dances the car up the Goodwood Hillclimb. The LM is created by Lanzante Motorsport who were the firm behind the legendary McLaren F1 TR back in the days of the 1990’s.

The P1 LM started life as a track-only P1 GTR before being made road-legal, a total of 5 P1 LM’s will be produced costing in the region of £3 million each.

On the day in the hands of Brack, the P1 LM set a staggeringly quick time of 47.07 at 134.9mph which was the fastest ever time set in a road-legal car.

The noise the P1 LM makes as it passes the Goodwood wall is just magnificent, a staggering car that and a staggering time.