The all new Civic Type R was revealed in Paris last month; this utterly bonkers concept version is all that we want from the new ‘R’ model, insane looks from just about any angle with the power to match.

Now we all know what the new hot Civic will look like Honda has decided to get out and test the thing on the Nürburgring, for reasons which escape me they have also camo’ed the test mule even when we know what it looks like already, go figure.

Here is some vide captured of the testing, the audio is pretty poor but you can just about make out the insane four-banger motor as it screams its way around the Ring.

We still have no idea of what the final power figure will be for the new model, but here’s to hoping for a 350bhp ‘R’ as that would make the world a better place for some of us that love cars.

Now, Honda, please keep the insane looks of the concept, you know it makes sense.