When you think of driving around the Nurburgring car choice is very important, when musing which car to take some great examples immediately spring to mind, the Porsche 911 for example, a great choice. As is the BMW M3, another great choice. Fiat Multipla, no wait, that’s a terrible choice.

Despite the Multipla being a terrible and possibly dangerous choice, this didn’t deter the brave chaps from One Lap Heros, they decided that the six-seater ever so slightly awkward looking Fiat Multipla was the best car of choice to attack the Green Hell.

After owning the Multipla for one day, this brave group (or crazy) of six strapped themselves into the cars six-seat layout and went for a lap time in a tourist session.

Some slight issues that may hinder their progress are, brakes that are at best described as “not very good”, a large fuel leak, and rear tires that have not been changed in a decade so are likely rendered useless when it comes to the job of being a tire. Not to mention that the Multipla is an absolutely rubbish car even when new, let alone many moons later at the world’s most challenging race track.

Somehow these six brave souls survived the 12.9-mile track without incident. Regardless of bravery or stupidity, it’s somewhat engrossing to watch this most unlikely of Nurburgring hero’s.