During a run of the mill photo shoot near San Diego, California, photographer Alex Stone had a run-in with a rather angry ‘local’ while shooting an Audi, the local decided the way to protest at the group’s presence was to drive at them while hurling constant abuse, (yeah good move you total angry idiot!).

The driver of the Ford Excursion was named as Mark Wayne Gordon 52 (aka Asshole), he was thankfully arrested after this film was handed over to local law enforcement, the allegations include assault with a deadly weapon, battery (driving the truck at Stone), and vandalism charges (knocking Stone’s phone out of his hand and damaging it).

The Asshole Gordon was convinced that Stone and his team were trespassing on his ‘Driveway’, if you watch the footage you can clearly make out the yellow markings and signage which would indicate this is a public road, the video also confirms that the location of the Audi being shot and the accompanying cars aren’t blocking anything resembling a driveway.

This also gets even scarier when you consider a high number of residents are permitted to carry a concealed weapon, regardless of if the group were blocking Asshole Gordon’s way this is no excuse for his behaviour, currently Asshole Gordon is out on a bond and is facing numerous charges for his actions.

Be careful where you park people, you never know when a total Asshole will strike………