The Porsche 911, adored the world over by some, hated upon by others for having its engine hanging over the rear wheels.

If you said the 911 had hardly changed since its inception in 1963, you would pretty much be right. The engine still sits at the back, even when many said it was a stupid idea for such as set-up. The one thing about a 911, any that is 911, you can tell it’s a 911, the distinctive look still remains, pure and simple, there is no mistaking the bloodline.

Over the years there have been many great Porsche 911’s, now, thanks to this excellent clip from insanely talented people at Donut Media, all the greatest hits are here together, the 901, the 930, the gorgeous ducktail spoiler of the 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS, here they are morphing from one generation to the next all the way up to the current epicness of the 991 GT3 RS.

Now some Porsche purists will refuse to watch this video as soon as a water-cooled 911 is introduced, f**k these guys, the 911 has gone from strength to strength since.  The greatest hits have continued to rack up for Porsche, the current 911GT3 RS and the 911 R are amongst the best road cars ever produced by any car-maker.

Now, sit back and enjoy the amazing 53 year evolution of the 911: