The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is a fast car, so fast in fact that it once dispensed with the fabled Green Hell in a super swift 7 mins 39 seconds, for a brief time in the car world, this was the quickest ever lap time for a production car. Then along came Porsche who beat the gorgeous Alfa with 7 mins 38-second lap in their rather new and equally gorgeous Panamera.

Nürburgring lap time records are as frequent as Justin Bieber upsetting someone, as in it happens all the time. Alfa decided they were not done and that Porsche couldn’t have it their own way so they have been trying again.

The 2017 Giulia QV lapped the Green Hell with a time of staggering time of 7:32 in a video uploaded this week, this is a massive 7 seconds quicker than the previous lap time, let’s be realistic here, in racing 7 seconds is an absolute lifetime.

Undoubtedly Porsche will be back with another attempt but until then Alfa have the record and what a record it is, just watch as Fabio Francia, the Alfa Romeo and Maserati test driver, fights to get the Giulia around the Nürburgring, it’s just an epic piece of driving accompanied by an amazing soundtrack.  Also, watch out for the code brown moment at around 1:50 as things get seriously bumpy, a mere mortal would have given up at this point, but not Francia who just carries on as if nothing had happened.

Francia was also at the wheel for the first record lap as well, so clearly he is the most determined man with nerves of steel for good measure.  So, you may ask, how did Alfa cut 7 seconds from its previous lap time, the gearbox on this latest run is the eight-speed automatic version, the 7:39 run was completed in a car with the manual gearbox that we don’t get here in the UK.

Also watching this clip you get the feeling that Francia just jumped in the car and drove off and did the lap, I mean, he is dressed like he is off for a day out merely wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the Porsche Panamera driver had a full race seat, a racing suit and roll cage for his run, none of that here, just turned up, did the lap and went home. It’s perhaps not as simple as that but you can only imagine.

Great work Alfa, now we await Porsche’s fast response………….