The Lamborgini Huracan starts at around £180k in the UK, this astronomical price is partially due to exotic materials used in the car’s construction along with all that very expensive R&D and of course that magnificent 5.0-litre V10 engine that produces mind warping speeds.

This Huracan, however, is listed for a little cheaper than £180k though, most likely because there is pretty much nothing of the car left.

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When I say it’s a Huracan, I use the term loosely, very loosely indeed as there is pretty much nothing left of the car. In fact, it’s difficult to tell if this was ever a Lamborghini at all.

Bodywork, gone, engine, pretty much gone as well, seats, you get the charred metal frames only, the wheels are included, though, well, when I say wheels I mean the charred remains of what used to be wheels.

This unfortunate Huracan was burned into the crispy remains that you see here as a result of a suspected arson attack. The burned carcass that remains is now being sold by salvage compay Iaai based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

How exactly; and I can only speculate on this one, do they expect anyone to but this and salvage anything. From the pictures, it appears that very little if anything at all is salvageable aside from a few burnt mementos for a desperate Lamborghini enthusiast.

The advert for this so called ‘Lamborghini’ bravely states that the car is “partially dismantled’ and that it has ‘standard wheels’. Being honest, I have never seen any Lambo with wheels that look like they have been on fire, not once ever.

So, if you’re possibly the bravest or the stupidest supercar buyer you can now pick up the Huracan for a bargain price, although you might want to bring a supersized dustpan when it comes to the collection so you can sweep up all burnt remainders as you take delivery……..