Another day another MSO McLaren P1 spotted in the wild, given that there are only 375 examples in existence you would think it would be far more difficult to see a P1.

Well think again as here is a P1 that you cannot miss, this rather unique looking McLaren P1 was seen at the Pace Germany Garage at Spa during Modena Trackdays.

As you can see the exclusive hypercar is painted in an unmissable bright orange paint scheme that was completed by the very busy McLaren Special Operations (MSO)  to match the owner’s McLaren F1 which sports the same shade or orange.

The standard factory version of the  P1 normally features bare carbon-fiber panels, this bespoke version of the  P1 was completely painted with the bright orange color on every body panel. From the side panels to the roof scoop and even the McLaren logo on the rear didn’t escape the orange re-work.

These videos includes a great view of this  unique paint job, also listen to the noise this thing makes as it roars around the track, just sublime I think you will agree.
So do you prefer this P1, the Spider-Man inspired effort or El Diablo?.