Doug DeMuro who well know for owning a Ferrari 360 and annoying the hell out of Carmax and is now  the proud owner of a Hummer H1.  So you have a H1 in the city, what do you do with it aside from driving over a universally hated Chrysler PT Cruiser.


Well Doug being Doug he has decided that a good place for his Hummer was the New Jersey Motorsports Park for a track day no less.

As you will see in this film,  the Hummer’s 350-cubic-inch Chevy small-block V-8 has a hard time moving the vehicle’s rather chubby 7,000 pounds of weight. Doug appears to have only reached a top speed of 65mph along the back straight which is hardly setting the world alight. Even more of a surprise is that the H1 did surprisingly well by not killing it’s brakes or rolling over, mind you at 65 mph the need to brake or turn quickly is not really required.


I have to say Doug,  10 out of 10 for sheer bravery of taking this mammoth to a track and not actually crashing. After a mere five laps, the coolant expansion tank began spewing all over the windscreen in protest of the sheer speed. No other ‘racing’ incidents were reported but some of Doug’s fellow track day competitors were reported to be ‘terrified’ of being run over. Reports of Doug attempting a risky overtake on a PT Cruiser by simply driving straight over it are unconfirmed at the time of writing.


Courtesy of Jalopnik