The Toyota GT86 is a car straight out of a comic book, with its Japanese drifting ethos thanks to the roadster styling and it’s rear wheel drive set-up. In these modern times where carmaker’s increasingly make cars with either all-wheel drive or front wheel drive to save us from ourselves, the GT86 is here to prove you can still have fun with a rear wheel drive setup and live to tell the tale.

Toyota GT86 - Initial D 2

In honour of the drifting ability of the GT86 Toyota UK made the great choice of combining the car with Japan’s best known drifting adventure animated show ‘Initial D’.

Toyota GT86 - Initial D 3

Essentially what Toyota UK have done here is merge the GT86 with the Initial D backdrop seamlessly, the GT86 featured has a few cosmetic mods including the fantastic old-school Watanabe wheels, added carbon parts and yellow fog lamps to make the car look every inch the Tokyo mountain drifter.

Toyota GT86 - Initial D 6

Its easy to imagine yourself in this GT86 descending a Japanese mountain fully sideways with the boxer engine bouncing off the rev-limiter, fully sideways while the rear tyres cry in pain.

Toyota GT86 - Initial D 4


Now Toyota can we please get this set-up as an option on the GT86…….