Finally, the Toyota Supra test mule has been spotted lapping the Nürburgring.

Whilst this testing seems a little on the slow side of what you would usually expect of a mule on test at the Nürburgring, as in, it doesn’t sound very loud at all, in fact, you can just about make out the engine note as it disappears off camera whilst out on what appears to be the Nürburgring equivalent of a Sunday drive.

However, the good news you can take from this is that the new Toyota Supra is an actual thing and it will be in production someday in the future, this is very good news indeed.

Still, we have no idea of what engine or gearbox options will be available, but, as I have stated before you can but hope for both V6 and four-cylinder options with various levels of turbocharging.

Now we just want to know what the car actually looks like, can anyone get a shot of the thing without all the camo wrap, please, the world will thank you if you do this……