Think back to the year 2002, this was a sad year for car fans the world over, the reason for all this sadness and anguish, the Toyota Supra died and has not been seen since.

The final production version of the Supra, the A80 model, rolled off the production line in Toyota City, Aichi Japan never to be seen again. Since then Toyota has given us a succession of beige hatchbacks with hybrid powertrains which have merely succeeded to increase the sadness due to one simple fact, you know in your heart that Toyota can do so much better.

In recent years Toyota has given us the GT86, a car that harks back to the days of the Supra and the Celica, back to the days when Toyota made some great cars, this return to greatness is now gathering steam with the return of the fabled Supra, it’s back and it looks amazing.

After teasing us like a Kardashian posting naked pictures online, Toyota has shown us the FT-1 concept, then nothing, until now that is, these new images of Toyota road-testing a prototype show us what is for all intents and purposes, a production-ready version, clearly taking styling cues from its smaller sibling the GT86.


After so many false starts and rumours, it would appear that the Supra is back, dual exit exhausts would support rumours of a V-6 motor rather than a straight six, this is a good thing, I mean in this day and age, can you see a company like Toyota producing a car with an old-school straight six, hell no, you should also assume that the V-6 motor will be accompanied by some wonderful turbo-charging.

This new Supra looks, well just like you think a Supra should look, it’s just a Toyota Supra and its amazingly epically awesome, plain and simple.

The new Supra is a result of the project partnership with BMW, having been in development since 2012, the only question is, why did it take so long, the world is a worse place without the Supra in it, please Toyota, make us happy again.

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