As you may be aware Chris Evans departed from Top Gear with hours of closing credits of season 23, after the BBC confirmed that he wouldn’t be replaced.

Earlier this month, the former Friends star LeBlanc is alleged to have told The Mirror “I don’t know. I’d like to. There’s nothing officially happening yet. Follow the BBC.” Which is about as ‘not much of an answer’ as you can get.

However, The Mirror has claimed that LeBlanc has ‘verbally’ agreed to return on a one-year deal for season 24 of the show and will ink a deal to that effect very shortly. An unnamed source (they always are) is quoted as saying that LeBlanc is keen to return and that the BBC want him back, all that’s required to work out the finer details of the deal before he signs.

All of this heresy is about as solid as a sand dune with a Mercedes 6×6 driving over it, during his prime, LeBlanc was paid a staggering $1 million per episode of Friends, it’s rumoured that his pay cheque for the entire season of Top Gear was only a mere £500,000 ($645,000). Also rumoured is that LeBlanc would receive a healthy pay bump for his promotion to lead presenter of the show for the upcoming season.

LeBlanc was one of the highlights of the revised Top Gear, he grew into the role as the season progressed, the highlight of his films was the excellent Porsche 911 R piece which was classic Top Gear.

Hopefully, the BBC can get LeBlanc to ink his deal before the next season of Top Gear starts shooting in September 2016.