The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a very special machine (excuse the pun). Until that is a former(?)Top Gear presenter buys one, by the TG boys own rules as soon as one of them buys a car it automatically becomes super uncool. So if you have one on order or actually have one sitting in the garage of your mansion then its time to sell as James May will be the lucky one who soon owns the final car ever produced. According to what Captain Slow has told us in the Sunday Times with a veiled request to the Sunday Times he quoted: “I’ve ordered the last one – all I need is a job to pay for it”.

May’s Ferrari 458 Speciale will be quiet well speciale (sorry!), this being because its the very last example to roll out of the factory Marranello before they start building the highly anticipated Ferrari 488 GTB.

The image above is below how May’s Speciale might have looked in dark blue with racing stripes:ferrari-458-speciale-blue-canada-1This was meant to be until James has a moment of realisation and I quote“Hang on a minute. Unemployed middle-aged man from Hammersmith orders the last-ever Ferrari 458 Speciale, in dark blue. What on earth was I thinking of? Just moments before I signed the order form and committed myself totally and irreversibly, I had a sudden change of heart. I ordered it in bright orange.”

Featured in the pictures below is likely to be similar to what James will end up having delivered to Hammersmith in the near future:ferrari-458-speciale-c547605062014183021_5


ferrari-458-speciale-c547605062014183021_3Assuming that his other fellow former TG colleagues find out they will merely be encouraging all other 458 Speciale owners to sell their examples as its now terribly uncool.

Images courtesy of Autogespot.