Lego has captured some of the world’s some of the greatest cars in brick form in recent years. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is an example to name but one, the company also allows fans to submit their designs via their ideas website, Lego promise they will make a model if it gets enough support.

Now, there is another model that Lego simply have to make, this brick based tribute to the iconic BMW M3 E30. Designed by Dani87, the M3 E30’s design suits it to the brick based construction, every design cue from the E30 is included from the flared arches to the rear wing.

Around the model you can spot a large number of details, the straight-six motor is present and correct, even the bonnet opens the correct way. From the three models produced you should be able to spot a number of differences, the red model features different wheels from the other two versions. Also, the models feature variations in their rear lights and sunroof options.

The M3 E30 is one of the coolest cars money can buy right now, the first to wear the M3 badge, and only available in left-hand drive. It’s one of the most iconic M cars ever made. Real life examples go for around the £50,000 mark these days. This Lego reproduction should cost a lot less, assuming Lego actually make the thing.

So, if you want to see the BMW M3 E30 immortalized in brick form, get voting to make sure they put this one into production.