When choosing your car certain things like options and wheels are of importance. However choosing the colour can also reflect your personality but also could affect the future value if you chose a shocker that will be more difficult to move on once your done with it.

Ladies and Gentleman I give you a terrible colour choice for a Porsche Cayman:

You are correct, it’s beige. I mean whomever chose this colour should have their decision making power legally removed from them for ruining what is otherwise a perfectly decent car.

Where else would you see such awfulness, Brentwood of course the home of such excess as TOWIE which is about orange people who don’t do anything productive for society and live off their parents wealth while having their entire lives shown on TV while pretty much having incest with other cast members. How it has not been cancelled is beyond me.

Brentwood will be showing terrible cars on a weekly basis from now on.