While browsing eBay today I was as always in searching for classics and supercars alike. This example however fails to fall into either category.

A 1972 Mini, a classic car worthy of the tag. A genius creation by  Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis no less.

To give you some guidance here is what a 1972 Mini should look like:


Here is what our ‘barn find’ looks like after being stored for many many corrosive years:

I mean it’s a fixer upper for sure, right….

$_57Most the shell of the car is well still there sort of and sort of not:$_57 (3)The only way to collect this car is to bring a bag to pick up all the rusty pieces:$_57 (4)Looks pretty much intact as you can see:$_57 (5)Clearly the wording ‘barn find is being used too loosely here. The sellers description does also state that the ‘car’ is tax exempt within the UK.$_57 (2)‘1972 Mini discovered in a barn when clearing out in very poor condition few bits salvageable.

No paperwork comes with Reg plates & ID tag/chassis number & commission number. This is a tax exempt Mini.

If you only want to take plates & ID you are more than welcome to remove yourself or I can remove & post to you if preferred.$_57 (1)So there you have it the rest of the car will be disregarded if you just want the number plates and the ID.

This is and has not been a car for many many years but is anyone up for picking up a ‘bargain’ of all barn finds?.

Ebay add is here