After many scary sighting, the widow maker on wheels is back, the reveal was made at E3 – No, the world’s biggest games show has not become a car show, the GT2 RS is officially the cover car for the all new Forza Motorsport 7 game.

No real details were revealed apart from what The Verge call possibly factual; the headlines are 640bhp, rear-wheel drive for added widow makerness which is helped by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat six motor at the rear. The styling also appears to have turned the aggression up a notch or three with that massive rear wing and huge front air intakes.

Expect it to be PDK only as Porsche attempts to remove some of the decision making from you while choosing the sheer amount of speed that will result in your next near-death experience while driving the thing.

More details and pictures will be here shortly.