Evo magazine likes to answer questions that everyone asks, such as’ Which is quicker in a drag race, a Golf R or a Focus RS’.

On paper this drag races looks like a one horse race, the Focus RS has a horsepower advantage of almost 50 ponies on the Golf R and even more torque, the Golf, however, is a decent amount lighter.

Also, the Focus RS is all new tech and the Golf R is almost three years old now which is an age is car tech, the battle has been made as even as possible with the Golf R having a manual gearbox to match its rival.

Now you might be surprised at the result, it was a lot closer than I thought it would be. This is mainly thanks to the Golf’s ability to claw back the Focus after it’s rather bogged down AWD take-off.

The video also helpfully points out that the 0-130mph time of the R is quicker than the RS, this is useful real world advice that you can use every day.