If you’re a fan of the new Volvo V90, but thought it could use a bit more sportiness then today is a very good day for you as Volvo have decided to unleash the V90 R-Design upon the world.

The standard V90 is a good looking car, the R-Design, however, is taking a handsome looking car and sending it to the gym for daily workouts for 6 months non-stop, the results are a far more aggressive and sporty looking exterior. Designed to go up against the other major carmakers ’warm’ sports lines such as the Audi S-Line & the BMW M Sports divisions.


The changes are plentiful and thankfully tastefully done, spec the R-Design option and you get huge matt two-tone alloy wheels, revised front end featuring a new grille and fog lamps. This new look gives the V90 a more aggressive design.

Now the reason why we have only posted pictures of the V90 R-Design estate, because it’s marvellous that’s why, just look at it, this is the sort of car that will make you want to go and find a wife and notch up a couple of kids and the legally required Labrador to make up the family unit just so you can say to yourself ‘I need a big estate car to house the family’.


No actual technical information has been released yet, not really an issue when a car is this good to look at.

Hopefully, this is a sign of intent of things to come from Volvo, if we ask nicely can we please please have a Polestar version of the V90 estate, please please, Volvo we did ask nicely……….

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