The Volkswagen T1 is not a car you would think of when race tracks come to mind. But this T1 looks like it has more menace under its metal than normal, built by Fred Bernhard this van is powered by the flat-six boxer engine from a Porsche 911 (993).
The brakes and steering bits also come from a Porsche 993 and  six-speed manual box is taken from a 996 GT3. Now producing 522bhp no less which is about 10 times the power of the original engine when it rolled out of the factory it’s now called the “Race Taxi.”
This Taxi is rides on 18-inch BBS wheels and weighs in at a trim and slim 1,500kg kerb weight thanks to the use of carbon fiber in the build.  It took Bernhard six years to build superbus.

Here it is in action at spa:

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