If you produce a record breaking performance at the Isle of Man TT course, some people would be happy to sit back and bask in the glory of such a feat. Mark Higgins however is not one of those people and whilst I’m sure he must have been rather happy with his record of 17min 49.75sec lap yielding a staggering average speed of 126,971mph across the 37 mile course set this last weekend.

Today it has been revealed that Higgins decided to give it another go and break his own new record with an even more staggering 17min 35.129sec lap time resulting in an even more staggering number of 128.730mph average speed.

Subaru Impreza IOM Record - 2

Again Higgins seems to be unhappy with this time and may follow up with additional attempts this coming Wednesday (June 8th) and Friday (June 10th) so be prepared for more bonkers high speed runs on what is undoubtedly the world’s most dangerous street racetrack.

Higgins is no stranger to the Isle of Man course having set a record lap in 2014 which was timed at 19min 15.88sec yielding an average speed of 117.51mph. Aside from these bonkers attempts, he has won the British Rally Championship three times and is also a stunt driver having worked on James Bond films no less.

Subaru Impreza IOM Record - 3

Now you may be thinking that the car record at the Isle of Man would contain some prestigious cars of pedigree, well you would be wrong. The standard for car lap times was set by Tony Pond in 1990 driving……drum roll please…..A Rover 827 Vitesse, this car yielded a lap time of 22min 09.1sec averaging 102.195mph.

Subaru Impreza IOM Record - 4

Yes the hated British built Rover driven by retired people and put together like crap actually held an Isle of Man speed record.

Good luck Mark for your next attempt, stunning work.