The Porsche Panamera was the first 4-door mass production car from the carmaker, however over the many years, it’s been available its looks have proved somewhat controversial. We would state that it’s not to everyone’s taste and that it is clearly unmistakably a Porsche.

Now there is a new Panamera, due to for its official unveiling on 28 June 2016 these images of the new-gen Turbo have leaked online, thankfully Porsche appeared to have moved the goalposts when it comes to the re-work.

2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-photos (2)

As potentially the laziest re-designers of all time (see Porsche 911) Porsche have done it again with the Panamera, they have cleaned up the side profile of the car massively, gone is the awkwardness and in is a flowing line, this links into the new rear end of the car, more streamlined rear lights that appear to be one with the entire of the back the car, they look like they were meant to be.

The front end has also had a re-work, the Panamera now looks a lot closer to its 718 siblings than ever before, sporting a matching air dam and revised LED daytime driving lights.

2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-photos (1)

On the inside, the revised Panamera gets a split-piece digital dash surrounding the trademark Porsche rev-counter. The Turbo’s engine is the new 4-0 litre twin-turbo unit, this motor produces 549bhp and 567ib ft of torque going to the traditional Porsche all-wheel drive system.

2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-photos (4)

Finally, Porsche appears to have given us the Panamera we always wanted, a car that has lost its awkwardness and now has the looks to match its rivals.

2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-photos (3) 2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-photos (5)

The 2017 Porsche Panamera will be officially unveiled on 28 June 2016 in Berlin.