The Porsche 911R, much rumoured in recent months has broken cover ahead of its unveiling at the 2016 Geneva motor show.

Porsche 911R - 2016 - 2

These images that were first published on a Dutch car news website show that the 911R has been adorned with a much more subtle bodykit which excludes the huge rear wing featured on the bonkers 911 GT3 RS. The more subtle approach along with the racing stripes suggests that Porsche have possibly been taking styling hints from their brand ambassador Magnus Walker no less.

Porsche 911R - 2016 - 1

The 911R is powered by the matching unit of the GT3 RS which is a normally aspirated 4.0 litre flat six engine producing a formidable 493bhp and 384ib ft of torque. Now the major moan in regards to the GT3 RS that despite all its brilliance it can only be specced with a PDK gearbox, the 911 R however fixes all that by simplifying the process by being available with a manual gearbox only.This model should be epic to drive with a proper gearbox for proper drivers, this car was designed to celebrate the original model of the same name which has its 50th anniversary in 2017.

Porsche 911R - 2016 - 3

This thing should be epic, now perhaps Magnus Walker can get hold of one and apply his design ethos to it.