The Nurburgring is a track that holds a near legendary status amongst petrolheads the world over. Dubbed the ‘Green Hell’ by F1 legend Jackie Stewart, this astonishing 12.9-mile racetrack continues to attract drivers from the world over to attempt to tackle this sprawling leviathan of a racetrack.


Public driving sessions are open to anyone with a valid driving license and 30 euros to spend, what many people don’t know is that normal German road regulations apply while on track – there are some posted speed limits on certain sections and overtaking on the right is not allowed.

One of the biggest issues at the Nurburgring public sessions is when drivers run out of skill, this usually results in a crash of some description which will undoubtedly be caught on camera by one of the tracks many vloggers. The price of crashing, however, is expensive, very expensive.

Nurburgring crash2

If you damage a mere 5 meters of single height Armco and you could be on the hook for 150 Euro cost for men in a truck to come out to assess the damage, this is alongside the 31 Euro cost per meter to replace it if damaged. If your car is broken after a crash, the cost of recovery starts at 600 Euros minimum. Assuming you’ve crashed and the safety car is required to attend to you and or your stricken car, that will cost you 82 Euros for every 30 minutes it’s in attendance. The biggest cost of all though is incurred if the marshals decide that the track needs to be closed to recover your now very broken car and all of the bits that came off it when crashing, this will cost you from 1,350 Euros per hour for every hour the track is closed.

Here is a full list of the potential cost of damaging and or closing the Nurburgring:

Base fee for attendance of Armco truck – €150

Removing damaged Armco – €10/metre (x2 or x3 or x4 for multiple-height sections)

Replacement Armco – €31/metre (x2 or x3 for double/triple height)

Removing damaged armco posts – €5.10 each

Replacing armco post  – €39 each

Safety car attendance – €82 per 30 mins (car and two people)

Circuit closure from  – €1,350 per hour

Recovery truck from – €600 (inc VAT)  

While these costs are very high, drivers are still going to flock to the Nurburgring because it is embedded into petrolhead folklore as the one place where anyone can simply turn up in a car and attempt to be a track hero.