The Morgan 3-wheeler, a machine of soul, a machine like no other with its 3-wheeled layout and 1 wheel drive. The only car you actually want to own where the engine is mounted outside of the car.

How do you better this set-up?, how can you improve upon on it? you drag the design into the future by adding a new method of propulsion, Electricity!


Yes here it is the Morgan EV3, the numbers are, 3 wheels, less than 500kg kerb weight, 0-60 in sub 9 seconds, 150 miles of range, 20KWh lithium battery, 46kW liquid-cooled motor and it has one eye (headlamp).


Now Morgan has referred to the car as the final “pre-production phase” car, so what you see here should be pretty much the final build that you can actually buy.


What a great looking thing Morgan have created, retro looking and futuristic all at once, the EV3 is the first Morgan to use composite carbon bodywork in its build, the car features a mix of carbon composite and aluminium body panels over the traditional Morgan wooden frame. The one-eyed face of the car is inspired by “1930’s aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles and 1950’s fantasy automatons”, regardless of the inspiration I just think it’s just epic to look at.


After generally gawping over the press release pictures for many hours I keep picking up on awesome little details such as the ‘Firestone’ white detailed tyres, the two spoke steering wheel, just look at the brass conductive cooling fins at the front (Morgans name for them no less), the whole thing is a retro styled Morgan that has travelled across time to tell us that a one wheel drive one-eyed battery powered car is the future for us all.


The most important thing about this car is the Morgan traditions it retains, they could have done away with the wooden frame but thankfully didn’t, the body work could have been made entirely from steel but they have gone with a mix of lightweight carbon composite and aluminium. This retro into the future theme continues in the cabin with those dials lifted straight from a comic book starship along with those gorgeous retro switches.


In fact that is what Morgan have created here, a comic book hero car from the future, you have to say this thing would look at home in the year 2500 comic book, it would have to be driven by the hero of course which would be great as long as he didn’t want to bring any luggage or live more than 150 miles from wherever he has to get to.


Morgan has arrived in the future with a car firmly designed with the past in mind, welcome to the future!