The Morgan EV3 was one of the highlights of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, we were in awe of its one eyed-ness and its amazing combination of retro looks combined with futuristic technology.

Now the EV3 presented at Geneva was merely a concept, history will tell you that some concepts lose their awe during the process of becoming an actual mass-production road car. Thankfully the Morgan EV3 has lost nothing during this final process, it’s here and it’s amazing:

Morgan EV3 uk1909-3

This iteration of the EV3 is named the ‘Morgan EV3 UK 1909 Edition’; it’s been produced as a partnership with a very well known tuning house, Selfridges. Yes, you are correct I did say Selfridges, the iconic department store sited in London’s Oxford Street.

I know Selfridges is not a car tuning house, it’s better known for being managed by Jeremy Piven and for being the vendor of designer items purchased by the rich and possibly the famous. As Selfridges was first founded in 1909, the same year as the iconic Morgan Motor Company produced its first car, hence the UK 1909 Edition was born.

Morgan EV3 uk1909-9

I will admit to being a little disappointed that Morgan chose to give the EV3 both of its eyes back, but just look at it, its utterly magnificent in every single way, the charging port is a work of art not to forget the fantastic looking dash-mounted gear shifter where the driver is given the simplest of choices.

Morgan EV3 uk1909-5

The EV3 is a zero-emission car that’ll hit a top speed of 90mph and run for 120-150 miles on a single charge.

Morgan EV3 uk1909-2

Selfridges have completed this EV3 tie-in by offering several bespoke items that a Morgan driver of class and style will require. These include a Globetrotter trunk designed for the car’s luggage rack, should one wish to pack a change of tweed for a journey, a Christopher Raeburn waterproof overall to keep one dry, a Alexander McQueen scarf to clearly keep ones neck warm, Linda Farrow driving goggles to keep the fly’s and roadgrit out of one’s eyes, finished off by driving gloves, a cotton jacket, a fitted cap, driving shoes of varying descriptions and of course some tweed as one always requires tweed. All of this kit being very British is made in the UK along with the EV3.

The Morgan EV3, whilst it’s gained an eye from concept to production, take nothing away from it though as it’s amazing and I want one.

Upon announcement of the EV3, unconfirmed reports are coming from New York that a certain Mr Alex Roy was very happy with this news.

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