For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time when the Mini Clubman was simply a normal mini with a flat front nose grafted on, this set it apart from the standard car with the highlight being the 1,275cc GT model.

The current Mini Clubman is about as far removed from its sibling as a car ever could be, I mean it’s huge with 6 doors in total (counting the boot with both doors!) and is a completely different direction from the original in every way and form.

Now I would like to introduce you to the Mini Clubman All4 Scrambler concept which is unlikely to ever see any off-road action of any kind if it were to ever go into production. It would appear to be a soft-roader version with some quite unique additions to set it apart from the standard All4.

060816-mini-clubman-all4-scrambler-art-2 (1)

The Clubman Scrambler edition was created by the companies’ Italian division and is painted in a very cool looking paint job referred to as ‘Midnight ALL4 Frozen Grey’ which does make the Clubman look rather cool and off-road ready.

In keeping with the body work the exterior features such additions a tough looking luggage rack and matte black wheel arch and bumper trim which features fog-lamps to light the way when traversing the toughest city roads, these details are finished by murdered out black wheels shod in very chunky looking off-road tyres.


These modifications continue to the inside of the car which features a one-off combination of caramel and black, somehow despite this combination, they managed to pull it off using large amounts of the finest quality Alcantara and Nappa leather.


Whilst this car may just be an exercise in showing how tough the All4 could be if it wanted to be, the one thing it will defiantly give you is mock credit that you look like you lead a very active life when in fact you likely don’t and the most off-roading you do is taking the kids to a campsite.

This doesn’t stop me from wanting one however as it does look fantastic, I’d have one as long as it comes with the BMW R nineT Scrambler included in the pictures and that I never ever have to take it off-road and get it dirty.