The McLaren P1 is a ferocious Hypercar, featuring a dual engine set-up comprising the McLaren 3.8 litre twin-turbo M838TQ V8, combined with the McLaren electric ECU motor producing a staggering 904bhp power output resulting in an even more staggering top speed of 218mph.

McLaren has claimed that this set-up is capable of a range of 300 miles of combined cycle driving. I have to say, no dam way you are getting a P1 300 miles between fill up’s, it’s just not happening. I mean can you imagine running one of these cars in a city, let alone as a daily driver.

One such very crazy P1 owner just does that, he uses his Kermit green P1 every day as his daily driver. All this daily commuting is done not in the suburbs, but in one of the most congested cities in the world, Tokyo…..

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, covering a massive 2,188 square kilometres. Inside all of this space are 13.6 million inhabitants, driving 2.117,000 million cars. When you compare this to London which occupies a mere 1,572 square kilometres with 8.67 million inhabitants, you kind of get the picture that Tokyo is a city almost bursting at the seams.

The man in question is Go Hiramatsu, he daily drives his P1 around the streets of Tokyo because he fucking can, that’s why. On the weekend he likes to take the P1 out to the Fuji Speedway or onto the local mountain roads above Tokyo for some, shall we say ‘spirited’ driving.

Hiramatsu-san, you sir are a fucking legend, we salute you.