The McLaren 675LT, what a car, what a thing. Partially based on its sibling the 650s it continued the very short history line of McLaren ‘Long Tail’ models of which there have been, well only two.

If you wanted a 675LT hardtop then I’m afraid you’re out of luck as all 500 units were sold out long before the cars eventual release.

Now there is a third ‘Long Tail’ model available, the McLaren 675LT Spider.So you want a ‘Long Tail’ McLaren in Spider guise, well you’re in luck as here is the new McLaren 675LT Spider. No, wait all 500 units are already sold so if you don’t have an order in your again out of luck.

The rather creative guys have been fortunate enough to get their hands on a 675LT Spider and have chronicled this by way of this excellent YouTube film.

I just love the fact that McLaren didn’t even have to apply any strengthening to the Spider after removing roof due to the carbon tub construction, as for the noise its makes, just listen to it!