As the departure of, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May from Top Gear fades into history, the publicity for their new Amazon show, The Grand Tour, has continued to gather pace.

Andy Wilman, the former Top Gear executive producer and current The Grand Tour executive producer has appeared at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, he confirmed many new exciting details of the upcoming car show and also confirmed The Grand Tour has to be very careful to be as unlike Top Gear as possible.

The Grand Tour
Don’t say it, oh cock!

Amongst the many highlights of this interview, Wilman confirms that The Grand Tour is coming in the form of 12 episodes a year for the next three years, which is of course great news, he also adds that around 90% of the films for season 1 are in the can and reveals a revelation that the show will be shot in 4K format, this is good for Richard Hammond who hasn’t aged in many years but potentially bad for Clarkson and May who, well, have aged somewhat possibly.

Wilman also confirmed that many of the form Top Gear crew made the move to Amazon in a ‘putting the band back together’ moment, also ever wondered who came up with the idea of a tent, Clarkson is to blame and was so excited by his idea that he couldn’t wait to spill his idea to Amazon execs when he possibly should have waited.

Also confirmed was that The Grand Tour has to be very careful about being similar to Top Gear, as in no leader board, no test track, no Stig, this paranoia is to avoid being sued by the Beeb for copyright infringement, so much so they have even had to debate if May can still say “cock” a lot.

Either way, this still makes us all the more excited for The Grand Tour which launches later this year on Amazon.

Full Interview with Andy Wilman: