The Ford RS200 is possibly a car of folklore, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see one in motion, let alone own one then you should consider yourself very lucky indeed.

The reason for the folklore status of the RS200, the car was a result of Ford’s urge to give birth to a Group B rally car, back in the early 1980’s manufactures had to produce 200 road going versions of a car so that they could homologate them to compete in the WRC.

The RS200 was packing the kind of power that today is still comparable to the current crop of super-hatches currently available, powered by a 1.8-litre 16 Valve Cosworth engine with turbocharging, producing 250bhp with power going to all four wheels, essentially the engine’s position in the car means that is a mid-engine setup.

Styled by Ford’s Italian division, the RS200 still looks like nothing else on the road even 30 years later. The RS200 managed a total of 19 wins and a total of 32 podiums after its 1986 launch, however due to safety issues and a number of accidents the Group B rallying in which the RS200 competed was scrapped.

Ford, therefore, had a crop of stripped down RS200’s ready for rallying that they thankfully decided to sell on as road-legal supercars.

You will notice however that this car has an ‘S’ added to its name, the RS200 ‘S’ denotes the fact that this car was given several factory upgrades including electric windows and most importantly an increase in power to 350bhp, this car which is for sale at Joe Macari of London for £260,000 is 1 of 20 ‘S’ models ever produced. This example has covered a mere 2,600 miles since new, the cost of this car in 1986 was £50,000 which at the time was the highest price ever for a Ford.