If you live in the UK, you are very used to seeing UK Police officers trail round in diesel powered Vauxhall Astra’s, you must have thought to yourself ‘how are they ever going to catch anyone in that!’.

Well, worry no more as the UK police forces could be getting a serious upgrade in the near future in both street-cred and horsepower in the form of the 2015 Ford Mustang V-8.

The trial car pictured was shown in full police livery at a trade show this past week leading to word that Ford would soon begin to sell to UK police forces. Whilst no future plans were confirmed, it was stated that “we believe a Mustang would make an excellent patrol car and would encourage safer driving on our UK roads.”

Ford Mustang Police Car 2

American police forces have been using the Ford Mustang successfully for many years, but then the Mustang was only available in North America for the best part of 50 years, hence the long wait for the British Bobby to finally get a car with some considerable power.

The Mustang that is being trialled is the V-8 powered 5.0liter model, producing 410bhp. This car has been a considerable sales hit for Ford UK so far racking up around 3,500 sales to date as UK residents were finally able to get the global version of the car which features the wheel on the correct side. In total to date, Ford has shifted around 16,000 units of the Mustang in Europe alone, this is clearly a strong indication that the Mustang is a car the world has wanted for many years.

Needless to say, the Ford Mustang V-8 Police edition should hopefully go some way to scaring certain individuals away from a life of crime. Here’s to hoping the trails go well and we get to see Police Mustangs on patrol.