The Ford GT race cars are in action this weekend at the historic LeMan’s 24-hour endurance race, so far this weekend the action at the La Sarthe track has proven to be just epic. The track totalling 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) in length has proven as always to be the ultimate challenge for endurance racing.

Now if you’re one of the exceptionally skilled Ford GT team drivers how do you travel to LeMan’s, by chauffeur driven car perhaps, by helicopter or by private jet?.

None of the above is the simple answer, you obtain one of Ford’s latest and greatest new cars and drive to LeMan as quickly as possible.

The driver in question is Oliver Pla, his chosen car is the special edition Ford Fiesta ST200.

The revised version of the fantastic Fiesta ST features a power upgrade to 200PS giving rise to the new name, in order to keep the 10-percent power rise and 20-percent torque rise in check, the car features uprated driving dynamics in the form of an all-new electronic stability control system combined with a new enhanced torque vectoring system. This is assisted by uprated suspension components and bigger brakes with further enhancements to the power steering set-up.


The car will be given its public bow at the upcoming Goodwood Moving motor show from 23-26 June.

I will be driving the ST200 up the hill at Goodwood this coming Thursday 23 June, personally, I cannot wait to get behind the wheel in this new ST200.

The revised ST200 is priced at £22,745 and includes a majority of the optional kit featured on the ST-3 model as standard, in fact if you were to option one the only thing you would really want is the rear parking sensors bringing the total price up to a very reasonable £22,945 OTR.

The ST200 features two-tone alloy wheels and comes in the stunning looking Storm Grey, you have it in any colour as long as it’s Storm Grey.



Assuming I survive the hill at Goodwood, expect a ‘first impressions’ report shortly.

Many thanks to Oliver & Guy at Ford UK for the invite to Goodwood and setting this up, more news to follow shortly!