After many months of speculation via a very secretive invite only process for prospective buyers only, as in if you’re a regular Ferrari customer who has purchased one or more potentially of Ferrari’s top-level hypercars then you may or may not have been invited.

Aside from a few hints dropped in the public domain, think Gordon Ramsey on Top Gear revealing the fact that he had placed an order and all he had was a key in a special box to show for it, details have remained very thin on the ground, until now that is.

Ferrari laferrari spider Aperta2

Ferrari have finally unveiled the Aperta version via their online channels and its simply stunning to look at, overall it’s a simply a Ferrari LaFerrari with its roof cut out, the Aperta looks identical to its hardtop sibling in every way aside from the fact that you can now let in the world above you as you prove that you are more than just a mere mortal.

The official name of the car will be announced at the Paris motor show along with the car’s first official public appearance. If you want to buy one but don’t yet have an order in, too bad as they are all sold.

This all sold out status simply follows straight along the lines of prior limited run hypercars in as that all the messy talk of money is cut and dry by the time the car is announced to the general public.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

The Aperta part of the name comes from the official images released by Ferrari themselves, no confirmation if this name will stay or not, ‘Aperta’ translated in Italian simply means ‘Open’, the same title was also used for the devastatingly pretty 458 Speciale so possibly they will use it for the LaFerrari as well.

No actual details have been revealed so far, but you can expect the Aperta version of the car to maintain its 950bhp motor from its sibling along with all the hybrid motor trickery, all of this should mean a 217mph top speed if you’re brave enough, to this end Ferrari give you both a soft top and a carbon-fibre hard top, sensible thinking would suggest you use the carbon top for any 200mph+ runs just in case you lose the soft version. To this end Ferrari has claimed the Aperta version has the aerodynamic properties which is no mean feat during surgery this extensive.

So, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, as pretty as it’s hardtop sibling, a tad prettier for sure, the fact that you can now let the world in via the roof removal surely makes it a better car, I mean look at the thing, it’s gorgeous just sitting still.