So as you may all be aware there is a small car show currently taking place in a small rather expensive city called Geneva,  I have good news from this small car show. The Bugatti Chiron has been unveiled, albeit with several leaks ahead of schedule. In fact the official Bugatti webpage was quoting a massive 15 hours until the official unveiling at 18:00 GMT, now all is revealed.


Let’s start with some numbers, as your aware the Chiron replaces the long running Veyron which was a show that ran for almost a decade. I can imagine the meeting to discuss how to replace the Veyron, “The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with 1,184bhp and a top speed of 267.7mph”, “dis is not powerful enough”, “ it must be more powerful”  they quipped.

The numbers that make up this car are simply mind blowlingly staggering, for your 2.4 million euro’s (more on that later) you will get an 8 Litre W16 engine with quad turbo chargers producing a colossal 1,500bhp resulting in 1,600nm of torque of which 100% is available from a mere 2,000rpm.
All this colossal power and torque will allow you to complete the 0-62 dash in under ‘2.5’ seconds according to Bugatti’s official figures. The top speed is equally as colossal being ‘limited’ to a mere 261mph (420km/h) which it should be noted is only ‘for road use’.  Now I don’t live in Germany but I am struggling to think of a road where if you were brave enough you could actually do this massive speed and live to tell the tale to your millionaire friends.
The final massive number for this car is the 0-125mph time, so I hope you’re sitting down for this one………drum roll please, the Bugatti Chiron can go from standing start to 125mph in 6.5 seconds, yes I did say 6.5 seconds. I am suspecting that there will be some millionaires that will drive this thing wearing brown trousers because that is unbelievably quick.
Now with all that power and torque you would hope that Bugatti would have worked on the car’s dynamics to ensure it can turn a corner in Monaco and on the Nurburging, to ensure this massive power is delivered to the road in a safe manner the Chiron has a new adaptive chassis with four different levels of ground clearance, the underbody of the car features grooves and active diffusers to guide the air around the car as it hits that huge top speed. All of this adaptive chassis gubbins are automated based on how you drive the car. You read that correctly, the suspension, chassis height, the steering and the aero and braking control systems are all adjusted by how you drive the car. Essentially the basic auto mode kicks in as you reach 50km/h which is followed by the best named mode in a car ever (sorry Tesla) “Autobahn Mode” kicks in a 180km/h and beyond. The Chiron also features a handling mode for racing and other such lunacy, which like its older sibling is activated by the use of a separate ignition switch. The car’s spoiler is integrated within the various mode functions with varying levels of deployment dependant on if you’re on a track or attempting a 260mph run, the spoiler also acts as an air brake system when needed which will be most of the time certainly. Finally the car also has an ‘easy to drift’ feature, because having paid 2.4 million euro’s for a limited run car with only 500 examples being produced, you’re going to want to put it sideways with smoke pouring from the tires whilst you’re on your own private island.
To quote the Bugatti president Wolfgang Dürheimer “Bugatti has tested the limits of physics,” and  “The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better.”. In order to make the best well even better, Bugatti has constructed a new all carbon fibre monocoque which serves to assist the vastly more aggressive design of the car in comparison to the Veyron and assisting the cars huge performance numbers. I mean just look at the front of thing featuring a total of eight LED headlamps, if this thing pulls up behind you should be scared. This new design ethos is shown all over the car with a single piece rear light cluster that covers the entire rear span of the car, put simply approaching you or speeding away this thing is going to look super aggressive.
Other features on the Chiron include an all new titanium exhaust system and tyres specially developed by a Bugatti and Michelin partnership in order to give the car its massive top speed. This new model is also more practical than its older sibling, now while heading to your millionaire’s playground at 200 mph you can now carry a suitcase although this will only slow you down so maybe you should have your butler do it for you.
On the inside of the Chiron you will find three high-resolution digital displays that surround the analog speedometer, the information displayed on these will adaptively change in response to the car’s speed. The faster you drive, the simpler the presentation becomes because at 200mph you don’t want to be attempting to analyse complex read outs when you should be focusing on what the hell you’re actually doing at 200mph. Also for the 2.4 million euro’s you get the Chiron’s audio system which is so good, to quote Bugatti, that it should be considered as the “the world’s fastest concert hall.” Lastly there is nothing like a bit of excess in the form of a one-carat diamond membrane in each of the four tweeters inside the Chiron, I kid you not.
So there you have it, the Bugatti Chiron, the worst kept secret ever as its been spotted everywhere in recent months during testing, however it was worth the wait just for the look of the thing and the staggering numbers it produces. Now where did I leave that 2.4 million Euro’s, down the back of the sofa possibly?