The decision to run the all-new Bugatti Chiron at the hill climb at the Good Wood Festival of speed this past weekend must have been a simple one, the world’s most famous hill climb plus one of the world’s fastest cars equals the automotive equivalent of heaven if ever there was one.

Thankfully Bugatti saw fit to make this combination a reality at Goodwood by unleashing its 1,480bhp hypercar at the hill climb, with driver Andy Wallace at the wheel of the £2 million hypercar, the Chiron attacked the hill climb with its trademark many turbos whooshing and crackling away in the background, given that Goodwood is basically a tight winding driveway of sorts as Wallace appears to be short-shifting at certain points.

The sight of the Chiron’s nose dipping at various points as Wallace stamps on the brakes hard to ensure that no hay-related incidents occurred is a magnificent one, the inside video records all of the cars turbo cracks and whistles perfectly, also from the inside view you will see an indicated top speed reached during the course of 171kmh (106mph) while crossing the line at a considerable 191kmh (119mph) which is so much faster than I could ever reach during my attempt in a Ford Fiesta ST200the day before.

Clearly the Bugatti Chiron is the staggeringly fast game changer we all hoped it would be, now Bugatti can we please get an autobahn run on film for the next instalment.