All good things they say must come to an end. Great cars are no exception to this rule, as in age and technology moves on and a model must end to give rise to a new generation.

The current F10 M5 has been with us for a while now, in successful attempts to keep it young and trendy, BMW has given it such things as the competition package and even a 30th birthday edition in the form of the ’30 Jahre M5’.

The F10 was the first ever factory-produced turbo’ed M5, powered by the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, here turned up to 592bhp and 516lb ft. The move to a V-8 motor was a change of direction for BMW and undoubtedly led the way for the revised M3 and M4 to gain a pair of turbos in exchange for the loss of a couple cylinders.

As a way of saying goodbye to the old girl, BMW has given us a final parting gift in the form of the ‘Competition Edition’, which is essentially 592bhp of goodbye’s all rolled into one.


This revised version retains the V-8 motor and twin turbo setup and includes the usually optional competition package fitted as standard. This package gives you more power of course and stiffer suspension, thicker anti-roll bars and various other tweaks. 0-62mph takes just 3.9 seconds.

For those of you that remember the ’30 Jahre M5’ it was exactly the same, specs, power and everything aside from all the ’30 Jahre’ badging which has now been replaced on this edition with ‘Competition Package’ badges with the addition of lots or Carbon Fibre parts around the car, these include a new rear diffuser, mirror caps and a boot spoiler.


The price for this goodbye is £100,995, when you consider that the prototype ‘F90’ M5 has been seen testing on the ring recently is this good value for a car that is essentially being killed off. Yes it is, the reason being is that we are likely to be denied an M5 for a couple of years now, this is based on BMW’s historic record of giving us all a new 5-series and then making us wait for the M5 version.

P90226978_highRes_the-bmw-m5-competiti P90226979_highRes_the-bmw-m5-competiti

This, therefore, may be the last chance to grab one of the great super-saloons, if not the greatest version of the M5 produced to date, yes I know its heavy and has a lower top speed than its V-10 powered older brother. Make no mistake, even with this alleged step backwards, the F10 M5 is a still a thug in a bespoke suit, the V-8 turbo snarls and pops as you accelerate, turn all the electronic aids off and you can turn the back tyres into recycling before you know it. But for day to day use the F10 M5 is an easier car to live with, all docile and then feral when you stab the loud pedal, but docile again when all you want to do is get somewhere, for that alone it should be remembered as being utterly magnificent.


The M5 Competition Package is available to order now, 200 units only will be produced with colour choices limited to Mineral While or Carbon Black.