Firstly these words come with a severe warning, if you have recently purchased, taken delivery or are about to take delivery of a Mazda MX-5 then this article may contain words that may cause you distress and or to swear uncontrollably with rage and possibly regret.

Abarth-124-Spider-Rally (3)

Today at the Geneva motor show (#GIMS anyone?) The Abarth 124 Spider, that’s correct it’s an Abarth version of the 124 which was unveiled in all its mighty Arbarthness glory today.

Just look at it, from the black bonnet detailing, the larger air intakes adorning the front end to the red wing mirrors, it’s every inch an Abarth. This new version of the 124 has also had some super serious fettling in the form of 170bhp and a mechanical LSD, Brembo brakes ensuring you can stop all that horsepower and “Abarth by Bilstein” suspension so you can corner, this is all finished off with a performance exhaust system giving the car “it’s signature sound” according to the Fiat USA press blurb.

Abarth-124-Spider-Rally (4)

For people that want to ruin this car, you can have it with an automatic Sequenziale Sportivo gearbox equipped with paddle shifters or if you don’t want to ruin it and you can actually drive, a six-speed manual gearbox is available (the only choice really).

Abarth has gone to work on the outside of the car to make sure this version stands out against its less powerful weaker brothers in the form of new front and rear bumpers, the latter features an “aerodynamically functional extractor” which was also a feature on the legendary Fiat 124 Abarth from the 1970’s. The exterior is finished by a racing anti-glare kit which means the bonnet and boot are simply matte black in English. The car sits on standard 17-inch wheels which along with the windscreen surround and interior roll bars are finished in “Forgiato Grey”.

Abarth-124-Spider-Rally (5)

Finally, Abarth has also been busy in the cabin which features more Italian heritage in the form of sporty Racing Alcantara Kit, a sports steering wheel and re-worked instrument gauge graphics.

If you think all this attention to detail is quite specific then you haven’t seen anything yet, I picked up the quote below in regards to the 124’s sports exhaust system:

“An Abarth wouldn’t be complete without a performance exhaust, and the standard Record Monza exhaust system gives the Abarth 124 its signature sound. The system is custom fitted at the Abarth headquarters located in Torino. Each car is then tested and certified by an Abarth technician who affixes a sequentially numbered metal plate certifying the exclusiveness of Abarth 124 spider.”


How cool is that, you get a plaque essentially confirming that your 124 Abarth is certified as exclusive! (For what I don’t know)

The Abarth 124 can be specced in five exterior colours which have been named after one of the prestigious races the original Fiat 124 Abarth during the 1970’s. The Colours are special solid “Turini 1975 White ” and “Costa Brava 1972 Red, metallic “Isola d’Elba 1974 Blue”, “Portogallo 1974 Grey” and “San Marino 1972 Black”.

Abarth-124-Spider-Rally (7)

Again I feel so much want for this, why would you chose an MX-5 over one of these (sorry to anyone who may have just ordered or taken delivery of one!), I mean look at it and being an Abarth it’s going to sound just mightily epic.

Hats off for this one to Fiat and Abarth who will also sell you a 300bhp rally-spec version as well if you’re brave enough.