Porsche today finally released an official confirmation today that the new Panamera will be revealed in Berlin on 28 June, alongside this, they gave us the very first official picture of the all-new second generation car.

I know what you’re thinking, though, it’s a picture that gives very little away about what the car will actually look like. Porsche therefore merely chose to confirm for us that it has a rather special looking rear end.

Given the difficulty of making out any details from such a shot, clearly Porsche have attempted to make the new Panamera more stylish than the somewhat awkward looking previous car. The rear lights are clearly from the same bloodline as the current 911 Carrera’s and Targa models.

Now I am aware that the previous generation Panamera may have been described by some as ugly, I thought it more awkward looking than anything, simply a Porsche 911 up to the end of the front wings and then rather awkward from there forwards.

However to me personally, and some of you will hate me for saying this, it’s always been a good looking car, essentially it looks like it was designed for the job of transporting 4 passengers and their luggage along the Auto-Bahn’s at high rates of speed. This was what it was designed for and its what it does best.

Thanks to the internet we already know the all new Panamera is likely capable of lapping the Nurburgring as quick as the fabled Carrera GT, also expect the engine choice to consist of a turbo’ed V-6 , a turbo’ed diesel V-8 and an eight-speed PDK gearbox along with the usual Turbo & Turbo S models.

Porsche have also released a short video which shows us a couple of shots of the car, neither of which are clear enough to make out any real details at all, the only thing I could make it that it was clearly shot in New York and that Porsche sometimes does things that make no sense at all while creating history.