The Nissan GT-R, Godzilla, a track specialist and capable face warping speed in a straight line while also able to break your neck with similar cornering speeds.

Nissan recently unveiled the refreshed 2017 GT-R model line with (finally!) a fully redesigned interior and improvements just about everywhere on the car.

2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo - 5

Admittedly Nissan’s designers do take a leaf from the book of Porsche 911 design by producing a new model that looks well, pretty much the same as the previous one.

However if the standard model is a bit soft for you then you can always go for the hardened more track-focused version engineered by Nissan’s in-house tuning department Nismo.

2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo - 6

The new GT-R NISMO is aimed at track-day enthusiasts and weekend racers. The body work now has more carbon fibre than the standard model which reduces weight. In addition to this added lightness, the car has improved air-flow via the revised bodywork giving reduced drag and improved downforce. Finalised by the addition of upgraded suspension the whole package points to a far more track-focused version of the car.

2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo - 2

Also for your money you get more power from the hand-built engine which produces in the region of 600bhp, but as its well versed that every engine & gearbox are built individually meaning no two are alike you may be lucky enough to get a few bhp more than this.

After much gazing into the Nissan GB press release pictures, I’ve spotted carbon fibre bumper inserts and front splitter, carbon side skirts and the same story on the rear with carbon fibre making up a majority of the rear bumper assembly and spoiler.

2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo - 7

The interior, great work on this Nissan as its a vast improvement on the previous model which barely changed for 10 years or so.

2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo - 11

The Nismo GT-R looks mean, it looks hunkered and ready to pounce on the nearest Porsche and devour it whole.

No pricing announcements but expect it to be around the previous model which retailed at around £120,000 ($150,000).