When breaking cover at the 2015 Detroit Motor show, the world lost its s*it due to the stunning looks of the thing. To celebrate the world loosing its shit in such a dramatic way, Ford have released a film show the hardcore level of aerodynamics involved in the GT.

This film was shot using a wind tunnel to confirm what the world already knows, the Ford GT is amazing looking from every and any angle, I mean just look at the way the air flows around its curves and across the body-work, every single piece of body-work including all of the air vents and channels have a purpose, no fakery here, just pure aerodynamic design ensuring the Ford GT is one of most stunning looking cars ever to hit the roads.

Just check out this amazing video from Ford:

Even with Ford filling the order book as we speak the GT is still undergoing tiny tweaks to ensure that the cars to ensure it is perfect when the first models finally hit the roads in early 2017.

I have to say that that spoiler deployment surely beats the Porsche Panamera for style and theatre for sure.

Apologies to those that are now covered in drool due to the pornographic Ford GT.