Supercars are not exactly cheap to purchase, so when it comes to caring for your shiny new car you can only think that the servicing is likely to relieve you of even more cash. In the case of the 2017 Ford GT if your a dealer the requirements are huge along with a matching price tag.

Ford dealerships that want to offer to service the GT need to purchase $30,000 of special equipment to transport and service the car, this massive outlay contains a number of specialised items that wouldn’t be out of place with a race team.

These specialised items include but are not limited to an enclosed racecar trailer for the pickup and delivery of your precious GT, once the Ford dealer has the car, they will also need GT specific dollies and a dolly rack, this is so the GT’s Carbon tub can be lifted without damage. The list continues with GT only gearbox jack adapters, on top of all this, the dealer will a separate clean room reserved just for the servicing of the Ford GT. Lastly, this service area will only be accessible by a specially certified Ford GT technician. A standard Ford technician is allowed to fully service a humble Ford Focus but thankfully with the GT they are only allowed to change the oil and this is only after the completion of a training program, honestly this is totally for real.

Now if you’re lucky enough to own a 2017 Ford GT but happen to damage it in any way or form Ford reps contact Multimatic on the owners behalf, this is the Ontario-located race shop that is responsible for hand-building the GT. Multimatic will then fly a technician to work on your beloved GT at whichever dealer it’s located at. If a GT suffers body damage or destroys one or both of the engine or gearbox the car will be transported back to Canada for repairs as this cannot be done at the dealer.

A mere 250 examples of the Ford GT are slated for production in 2017 so expect a huge amount of competition for dealer allocations. When you consider the amounts charged for services by the likes of Ferrari and Porsche, whichever dealers decide to take the plunge for the $30k investment will do so on the basis that the owners of rare exotics are used to paying out huge sums to keep their exotics running, also it’s likely that any owner of a new generation GT will either own a previous gen model or a stable of performance Fords that will also need care and attention.